Introducing An Innovative 5 in 1 Approach To Social Jacking

Never buy fake likes, follows, or subscriptions EVER again! Automate the growth of your social pages with REAL users that you can market to over and over again.

The Growth Jacker is built with stealth in mind. With our advanced jacking techniques, you can now jack a single user to follow you on multiple platforms at the same time. Works with the following networks:

  • Facebook Likes
  • Facebook Followers
  • G+
  • G+ Follow
  • YouTube Subscription

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Ready to take advantage of the biggest social platforms to drive massive amounts of traffic back to your website? Need to grow your social empire with automation without risking your pages? If you want to direct previous website visitors back into your money funnel, you need The Growth Jacker in your toolbox now!

What Can You Do With The Growth Jacker?

This is the most advanced jacker on the entire market to build a REAL social following on multiple social engines at once. There is nothing out there that will allow you to build your profiles with real users on multiple platforms without the need to purchase multiple plugins. We simplified the process and packed it all into a single plugin at just one low price.

  • Works With Desktop/Mobile Traffic

    Right out of the box The Growth Jacker will work with both mobile and desktop traffic.

  • Increase Social Following Overnight

    The Growth Jacker allows you to grow your social following on Facebook, Google +, and Youtube by thousands of people per month! The sky is the limit.

  • Block Referring Domains

    Afraid of jacking people that are coming from a certain IP or Domain? Easily add these sites to a list and never worry about them interacting with the plugin.

  • Advanced Stealth

    The Growth Jacker keeps you off the radar of the big social networks while growing them at the same time. Control to grow slow or fast!

  • Only Jack What Users You Want

    Save time by only jacking the users that you want! If you want just likes, follows and subscriptions from the USA, you can set this up with the click of a button.

  • Complete Control

    You have control of every aspect of the plugin. Chose the % of users you want to jack from your site. You also have control over flushing the database of users if you want to start from a fresh slate.

I never thought I would be able to jack my website visitors 5 different ways at the SAME time without them knowing. My Facebook and Google+ are growing extremely fast and I am already seeing an excellent return on my investment. I have thought about trying out Youtube Jacking, and with The Growth Jacker I have it already packed into the plugin without the need to buy anything else. Excellent!

Craig S. Craig S.
Social Media Marketer

See How We Grew New Social Pages From Zero To $1,423 In Profit Within Just 30 Days

Facebook Followers Over 30 Days

In just a single month of installing this jacker, we gained over 11 thousand followers on our Facebook Account! Followers are a great way to push offers to, as anything you post will show up in their feeds daily.

Facebook followers are just the tip of the iceberg. Did we mention that we added over 11 thousand page likes as well?

Google+ Followers Over 30 Days

It took a few days to set up our Google + page for testing, but once we did we managed to grow our page to over 10 thousand followers in just 30 days. This is a free audience to market to!

We also managed to add a few thousand G+ to different pages on our website with The Growth Jacker.

Youtube Subscriptions Over 30 Days

Once we added YouTube, we immediately started to get subscribers. There is no other plugin on the market that combines all these features into a single plugin.

What Else Makes The Growth Jacker The Best On The Market?

  • 1

    Facebook Likes/Follows, Google+/Follow, Youtube Subscriptions All In ONE Plugin

    Never waste your money again by purchasing multiple plugins that will only do a single job for you. Now you can purchase The Growth Jacker, which jacks users on All platforms that you chose in the same interface!

  • 2

    Real Users Make You Real Money

    Buying fake likes, fake followers, fake subscriptions never made anyone anything! If you are sick of trying to build up your social profiles to look like they are full of real users before you start marketing to them, why not build your page without any fuss with users who will make you money from day 1? The Growth Jacker makes it effortless to grow multiple social network followings at once.

  • 3

    Likes/Follows For Any Facebook Page Or Google+ URL

    It does not matter if your pages are big or small, you can grow them with our plugin. Simply install The Growth Jacker on any one of your sites, insert the URL of the pages you want to grow and you are good to go! The plugin will do the rest.

  • 4

    Only Jack Geo Relevant Locations

    If you have a site pertaining to the USA, it would not make much sense to have a fan base of all foreign nations, would it? You have complete control to pick what countries you want to jack and which you want to completely ignore. If your likes come mainly from Tier 1 countries (USA), your page will be worth a lot more if you sell it in the future, and will make you MORE money when pushing offers.

  • 5

    Jack Mobile Traffic, Desktop Traffic, Or Both!

    Right out of the box, our plugin is designed to jack both desktop devices as well as mobile devices. If you want to only grow your social profiles with a single source, you are free to do so. We give the control to you to do what you want with it!

Easy Facebook Likes/Follows

Grow Social Pages With Ease!

Make Money With Your New FREE Audience

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  • 5 Jackers In One
  • IP Blacklist
  • Block Referrer Traffic
  • Mobile/Desktop Control
  • Easy GEO Control
  • One Time Payment

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Try The Growth Jacker Plugin Risk Free For 30 Days


We have spent months developing this plugin from the ground up to be the most advanced jacker on the market today. We believe in the product we have created and know you will love it. Because of this, there is a risk free 30 day money back guarantee. What's to lose?

Made It This Far? Read Our FAQs

Is The Growth Jacker Easy To Use? +

This plugin is extremely easy to use! Simply download it, upload it to your WordPress site, activate it, enter in the URLs of the social platforms you want to grow, and hit save. The plugin will handle the rest.

Is This Legal? +

Of course this plugin is legal, or else we would not be in the business of selling it. That being said, the social platforms do not want you using these because it may not work with their terms of services. There is nothing illegal about using it and this is the reason we give you complete control over the plugin to make your pages as safe as possible.

Is This Plugin Adsense Safe? +

Yes, this plugin is Adsense safe. You are not interfering with clicking on an Adsense ad at all. A user is jacked to the social networks of your choosing before they even really get to read your site. If the users come back to your site through a social network, this is safe as well.

Does This Plugin Work With Non-WordPress Sites? +

No it does not. This is a WordPress plugin. To use this plugin you MUST have a self hosted WordPress site that you control -- meaning you have web hosting and your own domain name. It will only work on Self Hosted Sites on WordPress so please keep that in mind before purchasing.

How Does It Jack Visitors To Multiple Social Networks At The Same Time? +

In order to jack the same user to multiple different social networks at once, we utilized a pop up box with text that you can customize. This popup box acts as a captcha. Each number that they click on the captcha will jack them to a different social network allowing you to jack them to multiple social profiles at once.

Grab The 5 In 1 Growth Jacker To Easily Build Your Social Pages

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